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These effects vary with different low platelet counts from person to person. Take the Blood Disorders Quiz. What are the symptoms of thrombocytopenia. In many instances, thrombocytopenia may have no symptoms, especially if mild, and it can be detected only viagrande catania comune clothing on routine mixing oxycodone and viagra work done for other reasons. However, the symptoms and signs of thrombocytopenia may include: Superficial bleeding clotbing the skin resulting in small reddish spots (petechiae) Fatigue Easy or excessive bruising (purpura) Prolonged bleeding cuts Spontaneous bleeding from the gums or nose Jaundice Heavy menstrual bleeding that's unusual for the individual Blood in the urine or stools Enlarged spleen Bleeding that will not stop DVT (deep vein thrombosis) What causes thrombocytopenia. Low platelet counts or thrombocytopenia, can be caused by a variety of reasons.

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You are in my thoughts and prayers always in my heart. A Lovers Pledge, Mine To You.

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This life is a rollercoaster- makes you scream and laugh out loud at the same time. Everything is moving too fast, and I'm losing control. closing my eyes, catching pieces of dreams colored like butterflies. This life's not as it seems- there's a snake in every field a secret behind every smile.]