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Similar to other nonmedically trained professionals, social workers generally have limited course work on medications in their undergraduate or graduate education; thus, any skills acquired in this area must be derived from on-the-job training or through continuing education (Dziegielewski, codipront saft dosierung viagra. Although continuing education might indeed be beneficial, it is often not provided by professional social workers. The benefits of receiving training from experienced social workers are many, including that social workers are more likely to be sensitive to the person-in-situation or person-in-environment stance that has long been the foundation of social work (Dziegielewski, 2013). They are also very much aware how much does 100mg viagra cost at cvs client self-determination, dignity, and worth, as well as how cultural mores and expectations may influence medication routines and continuance. Despite the lack of formal training in medication use and misuse, social workers frequently provide services to clients who are on psychotropic medications. They are also required to integrate medication information into the assessment, working, and termination phases of the helping relationship. This chapter is designed to examine the issues most relevant to social workers bactroneo generico do viagra clients who are taking prescription or nonprescription (over-the-counter [OTC]) medication. Topics covered include the labeling, regulation, and scheduling of drugs in terms of both prescription and nonprescription medications.

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