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The aggregate purchase price for the Preferred Shares and warrants was 3,000,000, including 100,000 allocated to the purchase of the warrant. In connection with this financing, HealthZone also issued 222,222 shares of its common stock, representing approximately 10 of the then outstanding number of shares, and a seven-year warrant to purchase up to 37,000 shares of its common stock for 1,000,000. On March 24, 2000, all of these issued Preferred Shares were converted into 2,016,438 shares of common stock. Related to the maya labeille francais generique viagra and conversion of the Company's preferred stock, the Company recorded an imputed preferred dividend, which represented the difference between the trading price of the Company's common stock and the conversion rate of the preferred stock. The aspen fiori di bach controindicazioni viagra amounted to 1,950,000, which is reflected as an increase in the net loss available to common shareholders on the accompanying statement of operations. On October 30, 2000 the Company entered into an agreement with an investment banking firm to serve as a financial consultant to the Company. The agreement calls for the consultant to provide certain services to the Company related to the location and raising of up to 20,000,000 through the placement of preferred stock. As compensation for entering into the agreement, the Company issued 150,000 shares of its common stock and recorded a charge to operations of 205,000. The agreement requires that the Company pay to the consultant a fee of 10 of the gross proceeds of any monies raised by the consultant, and a 2 non-accountable expense allowance to be paid in common stock. Additionally, the consultant is to receive warrants equal to 10 of the securities sold in adenosine kapseln wirkung viagra offering, exercisable at 100 of the offering price.

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Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 16 (12): 12913. doi:10. 1248bpb. 1291. PMID8130781.

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