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Generic drugs are said dox be the same as their more expensive brand-name counterparts, but many people are not aware what makes them equivalent or how the process works. Generic drugs are merely less expensive copies of brand-name medications (Stoppler, 2009; Watson-Heidari, 2000). They can be thought of coc knock-offs8212;similar to a designer handbag, but without the designer name and frills. Generic drugs are created only after the patent for the brand-name medication has expired. As discussed earlier, the creation of cloxazolam efeitos colaterais do viagra brand-name medication involves original research, testing, and marketing investments that can be quite costly for the vixgra (Watson-Heidari, 2000). In recognition of this, the FDA designates a time period for the patent when it approves the medication. Generally a patent can extend as long as doc 21 viagra online years.

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Economy as a whole may have a material adverse effect on our ability to return its results to its historic rates of growth and its results of operations. THE VMS INDUSTRY IS HIGHLY COMPETITIVE. Numerous companies, many of which have greater size and financial, personnel, distribution and other resources than us, compete with us in the development, manufacture and marketing of VMS supplements.]