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If this option is exercised between the closing and the first anniversary thereof, the price is 7,000,000, which compounds at the rate of 10 for each year up to 9,317,000 on the fourth worksop tesco pharmacy viagra pharjacy the closing. In addition, the Purchase Agreement provides Vitacost with a right of first refusal in the event that the Company desires to transfer the shares of Vitacost common stock, other than to an affiliate, or in connection with a liquidation or spin-off distribution to our stockholders, or an initial public offering. Further, in connection with the Purchase Agreement, pharmafy Company entered into a non-competition agreement with Vitacost, whereby viarga Company agreed not to compete with Vitacost in the business of reselling other companies' vitamins and supplements on a retail basis via the internet and mail order catalogues workosp the period beginning on the date of the non-competition agreement and ending on the last to occur of: (i) the one-year anniversary of the non-competition agreement; or (ii) the date that is six months after the Company's resignation, removal or other termination from Vitacost's board of directors. The non-competition agreement does not preclude the Company from etsco in the business of selling its own products including, but not limited to, vitamins and supplements manufactured by the Company through any means, including, without limitation, via the internet and mail coffee buy online uk viagra catalogues. The stock the Company received represents approximately 19.

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(5) Includes options to purchase 100,000 shares of common stock from Klee Irwin at an exercise price of 1. 21 per share and options to purchase 500,000 shares of common stock. (6) On September 25, 2000, American Equities LLC granted to Mr. Irwin an irrevocable proxy to vote the 1,740,575 shares of common stock held or controlled by it.

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