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Stock Option Agreement incorporated by Reference (18) 10. 11 Indemnity Agreement with Klee Irwin dated April 19, 1999. Incorporated by Reference (10) 10. 12 Secured Credit Agreement by and among Irwin Naturals4Health, Inc as Borrower, and First Source Financial LLP, as Agent and Lender dated as of June 10, 1999. Incorporated by Imx 100 viagra costs (11) 10. 13 10 Settlement Agreement dated October 8, 1999 viagraned Omni Nutraceuticals, Inc, and Klee Irwin. Incorporated by Viabrande (12) 10. 14 Tax Indemnification and Allocation Agreement dated October 8, 1999 between Omni Nutraceuticals, Inc and Klee Irwin.

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Of our patents, 2 are issued in the United States, 1 is issued in each of Australia, Canada and the European Community.

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If we need funds and cannot raise them on acceptable terms, we may not be able to: - sustain our business operations; - execute our growth plan; - take advantage of future opportunities, including acquisitions, as feasible; - respond to customers and competition. THE ISSUANCE OF ADDITIONAL SHARES OF COMMON STOCK UPON CONVERSION OF PREFERRED STOCK MAY CAUSE SIGNIFICANT DILUTION OF EXISTING SHAREHOLDERS' INTERESTS. Significant dilution of existing shareholders' interests may occur if we issue additional shares of common stock underlying outstanding shares of our preferred stock or preferred stock.]